Careers Information and Guidance (CIAG)

The Pinetree School is committed to ensuring that appropriate and impartial support, information and guidance is provided to all pupils to develop their aspirations and prepare them for making the best career choices from a broad and ambitious range of careers.

As a school our CIAG comprises;

  • Completing an ‘All about me’ questionnaire during new pupil induction
  • Work with the LA RONI data to identify as early as possible those who are at risk of being NEET.
  • Publish annual destination data for all year 11 leavers
  • Attendance at annual Norfolk Careers Fairs
  • Enterprise activities – please see this link for a current Y11 CIAG diary
  • 1-1 monthly meetings with CIAG lead
  • Work with Enterprise Partner – Independent Matters
  • Completing application forms and CVs (in PSHE and with CIAG Lead)
  • Mock careers interviews with PSHE teacher, CIAG Lead and Enterprise Partner
  • Design and delivery of a tailored CEIAG programme
  • Accredited CEIAG training for careers coordinators, teachers and trainers
  • Assessment of your CEIAG against The Quality in Careers Standard
  • Individual face-to-face careers interviews
  • Curriculum-focused group work
  • Work experience and employer engagement.
  • Targeted support for special groups – vulnerable groups, students with special educational needs and/or disabilities, looked-after children, those at risk of dropping out, pupil referral units, Gifted & Talented students, Oxbridge candidates.
  • Parents’ evenings, specialist area-wide events, presentations, one-to-ones at important progression points, including Key Stage 4 and post-16 opportunities
  • We have extensive knowledge and insights into the labour market, further and higher education, community organisations, and local and national training provision.
  • We also advise that pupils and their parents view the following websites:


D. Anderson, Careers Lead for the Short Stay School for Norfolk & the Pinetree School.