CIAG Provision

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance at Pinetree School is a continuously improving, focused drive to support our students and to reduce NEET figures in Norfolk. Our current Gatsby score (Careers rating tool) averaged 98%. This shows our intentions and commitment to all of our students.
Through Mr Don-Daniel, the programme is designed to deliver the kinds of impacts that are needed for young people.  We listen to students, finding out their interests, strengths and abilities with great partnerships with support from Beacon East on this. Based on these plans, bespoke trips to Colleges, Universities, FE placements, and employers are created. This is assisted by our New Anglia Enterprise Coordinator. 
We aim to give all of our students a range of meaningful encounters with employers before they leave school in order to support them in making informed decisions. Many companies are involved in this including Independence Matters and NatWest. Teamwork is great, and all our work is quality assured and aligned to Trust best practice. 
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