CEIAG Provision

Denise Anderson:
CEIAG Program
The CEIAG program is designed to deliver the kinds of impacts that are needed for young people. Through the program we aim to prepare our young people for the next steps of their lives once they leave us. This includes pupils having the opportunity to have meaningful contacts with employers and taking part in an array of trips and activities link to career and employment.

On both entry and throughout their time with us, we listen to our pupils to provide opportunities to build skills for their future both at Post 16 and employment. We find their interests, strengths and abilities. We have formed great partnerships Beacon East who support on the pupils in their career choices whilst offering impartial advice and guidance.

We plan bespoke trips to colleges, Universities, FE placements, and employers. We use our New East Anglia Enterprise coordinator to support us further. Many young people come to us with little or no aspirations and through the careers program we aim to inspire each individual to seek a career they can be successful in. We have annual careers theme days which are supported by a range of different employers, apprenticeship schemes and colleges. 

We aim to give all of our students from Yr 7 – 11 a range of meaningful encounters with employers before they leave school in order to support them in making informed decisions. Many companies are involved in this including Independence Matters and NatWest. Teamwork is great, and all our work is quality assured and aligned to Trust best practice. 
Measuring Impact
The impact of our CIEAG program is measured through our GATSBY benchmark which in July 2020 was recorded at 100%. Alongside this we continue to be proud of the outcomes our pupils achieve in Yr11 and our NEET figures. But more importantly the impact is seen most by the pupils going on to be successful when they leave us. We review both the impact of our program and the CIEAG program annually with the next review due July 2021. 
For more information on our school please contact the careers lead on the available email or the Schools Assistant Headteacher.